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A.I. | Computer Vision | Drone Tech | Robots | ‘X’aaS

Artificial Intelligence – aka ‘A.I.’ and ‘Cloud-born” technology is here

Our nation’s small and large enterprise companies, critical infrastructure, and local, state, and federal government entities are all challenged to keep up with “Cloud Shift.” In addition to computing infrastructure and platforms requiring a shift to the cloud, A.I. powered equipment and software tools are emerging at a fast rate difficult to understand and manage.

We’ve launched Sales Team Six to help bridge the deployment gap between emergent tech providers and their end users with the following goals:

  • Strengthen our nation’s regional, national, and global enterprise companies, critical infrastructure sectors, and local, state, and federal government entities through on site delivery of these emerging technologies.
  • Create one thousand (1,000) attainable jobs in the next 5 years.
  • Deliver emergent A.I., Computer Vision, Drone Tech, Drone Defense Systems, along with ‘X’aaS – the cloud infrastructure, platform, and software ‘as a Service’ solutions throughout the USA and the world.

How can you help? Today we’re here seeking:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Co-Founding corporate and individual partners
  • Angel Investors
  • Team members
  • Purchasers of our products to support us:

    • Autonomous A.I. video security self-install camera kits
      • Buy 1, 4, 40, or 1000!
      • Vertical Agnostic for Residential, Commercial, Industrial
    • Unified communications – replace your existing phones with scalable cloud communications system
  • Schedule a meeting with us today to learn how A.I., unified communications, computer vision, and drone tech can increase the safety, security, and efficiency of your organization.


A.I. Driven Autonomous
Drones and Drone
Defense Technologies

A.I. Deep Learning
Computer Vision Security
and Safety Solutions

Emergent Unified
Communication and
Business Solutions

Private and Public Cloud
Infrastructure Powering
These Solutions

Autonomous Security Systems Using A.I. Powered Computer Vision (CV)

Of all emergent technologies and sensors available, video-as-a-sensor is emerging as the most important tool. Artificial intelligence powered computer vision allows the broadest range of possibilities and supports the largest number of possible use cases. From understanding demographics of populations, transportation and other critical systems, to increasing the safety and security of citizens, A.I. driven CV is indeed here today beginning to be deployed across the world

A Cloud-First Experience

Enjoy less overhead, faster support, and a far better experience without having to maintain NVR
or server hardware.

We understand how important it is to protect your data. Our system can simultaneously record to both camera and cloud to make sure video files are always there when you need them.

Self-Learning A.I. Behind Every Pixel

Security A.I. design is based on artificial neural networks, giving it the ability to see and understand the world as we do. It can learn to notify you in real-time when a specific object appears in the scene or when a certain event is taking place.

Ask it to:

  • Watch for intrusions
  • Look for interesting objects
  • Count anything
  • Send instant alerts
  • Find specific events within seconds

Sales Team Six is a Certified Diamond Level Value Added Distributor for:

Autonomous Drone and Drone Defense Solutions (UAV’s)

Using a combination of A.I. powered Computer Vision, GPS advances, increased accuracy in other sensor technologies and the imaginations of brilliant inventors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) allows all these combined emergent technologies to be mobile, heightening both the positive benefits it can bring to the field and unfortunately also the threats from evil-doers we’re inheriting in this new field.

UAV’s equipped with these newly invented sensors offer new solutions to existing problems which are changing the way we inspect infrastructures, search and detect objects and events of interest, make law enforcement and public safety officials aware of situations, and defend from threats from ill-intentioned UAV operators themselves.

The importance of deploying early stage drone technologies is paramount to its development. An active campaign should be implemented to deploy drone technology in each of the critical infrastructure sectors, to better learn the capabilities the solutions can offer to:

  • Food and Agriculture (grow, processing, distribution plants and operations)
  • Commercial facilities (Sports, Lodging, Gaming)
  • Government Facilities (Local, State, Federal, Military)
  • Communications systems (Towers, Lines)
  • Manufacturing Facilities, Mining areas
  • Dams, River navigation, sediment and flood control, industrial waste
  • Defense and warfare
  • Emergency services and first responders public and private (Police, medical, fire)
  • Energy and energy transmission
  • Public and private health and healthcare (national, state, regional, local, tribal, and territorial)
  • Chemical plants and operations
  • Information Technology (Data Centers, Connectivity, Redundant Systems)
  • Nuclear Reactors, Materials, Waste
  • Transportation Systems (National and state)
  • Water and Wastewater Systems

Get Started Today

Sales Team Six is the nation’s first rapid emergent technology deployment service, born right here in Central New York! We’re dedicated to strengthening America’s small business, enterprise, critical Infrastructure, and local, state and federal entities.
Connect with us today to schedule a presentation to see how these emerging technologies can increase safety, security, and efficiency for your organization!



Guide your emergent tech selection and create your deployment plan.



Instruct your users, admins, and trainers for optimum performance.



Implement your systems integrations and data migrations.


24/7/365 tier 1 technical support via phone, email, web, and chat.

Corporate Purchasing and SDVOSB Contracting Vehicles:

Sales Team Six is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) which allows for:

  • Standard business practice sales
  • Corporate diversity program procurement (Fortune 1000, Aerospace & Defense)
  • SDVOSB Local, State, and Federal competitive bidding set asides
  • Subcontracting through prime contractors SDVOSB and VOSB Contract Goal Achievement
  • SDVOSB Discretionary purchases ($150k federal, $200k NYS)
  • Sole Source Contracts (Up to $3m) when only 1 solution exists