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Best Suited For
Best Suited For : Legacy and pre-revenue startups standing up their sales tech stack
Best Suited For : Existing legacy efforts with a desire to grow
Best Suited For : Startups and other zero base efforts launching to verify product market fit
Best Suited For : Disruptive solutions efforts with confirmed product market fit
Sales Director
Sales Director
Sales Director
Sales Director : On Demand
Sales Director : Dedicated
Telesales Agents
Telesales Agents
Telesales Agents
Telesales Agents : On Demand
Telesales Agents : Dedicated
Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors : On Demand
Brand Ambassadors : Dedicated
Paid Campaigns Management
Paid Campaigns Management
Paid Campaigns Management
Paid Campaigns Management
Paid Campaigns Management
Go To Market Planning
Go To Market Planning : 1 Session
Go To Market Planning : 2 Sessions
Go To Market Planning : 4 Sessions
Go To Market Planning : Ongoing
Marketing Workflow Creation
Marketing Workflow Creation : 1 Session
Marketing Workflow Creation : 2 Sessions
Marketing Workflow Creation : Ongoing
Marketing Workflow Creation : Ongoing
Salesperson Training Portal
Salesperson Training Portal : 3
Salesperson Training Portal : 5
Salesperson Training Portal : 10
Salesperson Training Portal : 20
Sales CRM Users
Sales CRM Users : 3
Sales CRM Users : 5
Sales CRM Users : 10
Sales CRM Users : 20
Marketing Software Contacts
Marketing Software Contacts : 10,000
Marketing Software Contacts : 25,000
Marketing Software Contacts : 50,000
Marketing Software Contacts : 100,000
Blitz and Drip Email Sends
Blitz and Drip Email Sends : 50,000
Blitz and Drip Email Sends : 125,000
Blitz and Drip Email Sends : 250,000
Blitz and Drip Email Sends : 500,000
Social Posts
Social Posts : 3
Social Posts : 5
Social Posts : 10
Social Posts : 20
Custom Email and Landing Page Templates
Custom Email and Landing Page Templates : 3
Custom Email and Landing Page Templates : 5
Custom Email and Landing Page Templates : 10
Custom Email and Landing Page Templates : 20


Pilot and Grow plans

Our sales and marketing automation plans are ideal for companies ready for introduction of cloud born sales and marketing automation tools to their effort.  We modernize all aspects of your sales process including identifying repeated tasks which can be automated to increase your performance and exposure to your clients and prospects.

Go to Market Strategy Planning

During our intake we learn about your company, it’s maturity level, and your existing and potential product-market fit.  We learn about and evaluate your existing manpower and their potential.  Once on board as a client we develop your go to market strategy with smart goals.

Salesperson Coaching and Training

All clients of Sales Team Six receive John Barrows training course, proven to help them get better at prospecting, negotiating, and closing with the same training that companies like Salesforce and LinkedIn use to drive their massive growth engine.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Sales Team Six guides you through the sales crm selection process by learning your needs and discovering the best fit for your use case.  We typically will recommend one of the top 5 CRM’s.  The key factor in determining and deploying a CRM is how we help you identify pipelines, stages and processes within your sales strategy from prospect to close to nurturing.

Marketing Automation Software

With a 2-way sync to your CRM, we also stand up and provide you with a marketing automation platform.  We handle all of the cloud infrastructure setup.  Workflows and prospect scoring are extremely important to the success of a multi-channel marketing campaign, which we help you create.

Launch and Scale Plans

Horsepower in the form of best in breed manpower is added to these plans.  Our team is primarily comprised of veterans with proven sales and customer service experience.  When you utilize a Sales Team Six package you’re not only going to increase your support and sales performance, you’re also supporting the veterans and military spouses we employ to help you succeed.

VP of Sales, Sales Director Outsourcing

A clear go to market strategy is led by an on demand or dedicated VP of sales.  Your VP of Sales participates in regular sales department build and leadership, including helping your existing representatives and our supplied telesales, tier 1 customer service agents, and brand ambassadors.

On Demand Brand Ambassadors

We recruit, train, and deploy energetic, intelligent individuals to attend local events to promote your product and solution.  They’ll distribute sales and swag materials, connect with targeted profile prospects, and gather critical information from the field for prospect data integrity and feedback from the field.

Outsourced Sales Development and Customer Service Representatives (Veterans and Military Spouses)

Powered by milspouse owned, your remote agents are committed to delivering the highest level of outbound sales results and inbound customer service.  With our cloud based distributed call center software 100% of all remote sales and customer services calls inbound and outbound are recorded for review allowing valuable shadowing/coaching/feedback.



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